Two Guinea Pigs Have A Hilarious Discussion About Pumpkin Spice Lattes

What we have here are two very special guinea pigs, and their dad decided to have a little fun with them in front of the camera. Good thing, because now the results are going viral — thrusting these two little munchkins into the spotlight where they so rightly belong.

Watch as two talkative guinea pig pals discuss America’s biggest fall obsession: pumpkin spice lattes. “There’s pumpkin spice everything! Everything you can think of… except guinea pig food.”

But in the end, they’re right; pumpkin spice is really just a tactic to sell more food items come autumn, and it doesn’t really taste like anything much! Okay, okay… we know this is all just the work of some hilarious editing, but still. I’d like to think these are the musings of some very sophisticated and opinionated guinea pigs. One can dream, right?!

Domesticated guinea pigs thrive in groups of two or more, a fun fact that has never been made more clear. Some people even think they hold special powers of communication and are psychic.


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