After Being Abandoned, Gorilla Spent 5 Years Alone In The Forest

Parry, a gorilla, was five-years-old when his mother was killed. He was then taken from the forest and forced to live as someone’s pet. As he grew, he got too big for his owners, and they abandoned him. Villagers in Cameroon, West Africa, saw that Parry was all alone.

Hunters illegally hunt gorillas for their meat, and Parry was too tame to be left in the wild. The wildlife authorities rescued him and brought him to Mefou Primate Sanctuary, run by Ape Action Africa.The organization gives orphaned chimpanzees, monkeys, and gorillas a safe forest home.

At first, Parry lived in quarantine to make sure he was strong and healthy before meeting the other gorillas.

Parry had never met another gorilla before when he met Chris. The two played, wrestled, and rolled on the floor together!

Ape Action Africa said they can never replace the family Parry lost, but they have made a commitment to provide him with happiness and friendship with the other orphaned gorillas.

Soon, Parry and Chris will meet the female gorillas that live at the sanctuary! That will put them one step closer to having families of their own.

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