A Gorilla Bounds Toward Them, But No One Can Believe What Is In Her Hands…

Check out this incredible story of this mountain gorilla, Isaro.  She is a very rare mountain gorilla, and there are only 880 left in the wild.



She’s one of that rare breed who is watched closely by the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, who’s dedicated to keeping an eye on them to make sure nothing  happens to any of them.


Isaro, at 16, was already an adult gorilla who already raised a few babies.


When Isaro suddenly went missing into the deep forest, they were understandably upset! She could have been grievously injured, or sick.  It was imperative they find her.


When a wild animal leaves the safety of their pack, it could mean something awful.

In addition, mountain gorillas are very protective of their privacy, which made finding her even more difficult.

Thankfully, they eventually found her. When they did you won’t believe what they found!


She was busily nursing newborn twin babies! Mountain gorillas are rare enough, but twins are even more extraordinary!


Not only that, but that wasn’t all. These researchers noticed that Isaro she couldn’t wait to show them off!


It goes to show, human or gorilla, we both love showing off our kids!



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