Adorable Kitten Only Needs To Look At You To Get What He Wants

Just one look at Gimo, the cat and you will fall in love! He has the uncanny ability to give his human’s puppy dog eyes to get anything he wants.

Gimo likes to stand up on his hind legs!

Didn’t take Gimo long to learn how to get what he wants!

Gimo’s face is so darn cute!

Gimo wants to know why you aren’t playing with him.

His gold eyes are big and beautiful!

“Look into my eyes.”

All fluffed up and we’re not going out?

Pay attention to me!

Gimo has learned that  a head tilt closes the deal!

Gimo is all grown up but his eyes are still mesmerizing.

Snuggle time is Gimo’s favorite thing!


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