Giant Brown Bear Loves Nothing More Than Diving Into His Pool

Swimming is a fun summertime sport that we all enjoy.  However, did you know animals enjoy swimming just as much as we do?  The brown bear in this video loves jumping into a backyard pool!

Bruiser, a Syrian Brown Bear, was rescued and taken to the Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary in Florida. He was brought to the Sanctuary as an educational animal because there were very few of his kind left in the wild. When workers introduced Bruiser to his new home, the first thing the bear noticed was his swimming pool.

The sanctuary workers quickly realized that Bruiser was a natural swimmer and he wanted to be in the water all the time. Bruiser would spend hours playing in the water and even found a playmate named Honey Bear, a black bear.

They could not help but laugh when they noticed how much Bruiser loved jumping into his pool. He would climb the ladder and gracefully dive in.

Bruiser has lived in the animal sanctuary for a number of years. While there are lions and tigers at the sanctuary, people can’t seem to get enough of the Bruiser!


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