French Bulldog Training: 5 Tips for Happy Pups

If you are a proud owner of a French Bulldog, you know that their clown-like personalities and adorable bat ears make them irresistible. But like any breed, French Bulldogs need proper training to become well-behaved and happy companions. Whether you are starting with a new puppy or need to brush up on your Frenchie’s obedience skills, this guide will provide you with valuable training tips. Let’s dive in!

French Bulldog Training Unlocked

  • Start French Bulldog training as soon as you bring them home to establish boundaries and consistency.
  • Use positive reinforcement-based training methods and reward your Frenchie with treats for good behavior.
  • Provide your French Bulldog with essential training tools, such as a treat pouch, comfortable collar and harness, and a lead.
  • Understand the unique characteristics of the breed, including their independence and need for stimulation, to tailor your training approach.
  • Cover important training topics like sitting, lying down, recall, crate training, and toilet training to ensure a well-rounded training experience.

Starting Early: Training Your French Bulldog Puppy

French Bulldog training should begin as soon as you bring your French Bulldog puppy home. It’s crucial to start early and establish a solid foundation for their training journey. Puppies have incredible learning capabilities and absorb information at a young age. By initiating training early on, you can help shape their behavior and socialization skills.

French Bulldogs are known for their independent nature, so it’s important to build a strong bond and show them that you are worth working with. Positive reinforcement-based methods are highly effective in training French Bulldog puppies. This means utilizing rewards and praise to encourage desired behavior.

When it comes to French Bulldog training especially when they are still a puppy, consistency is key. Set clear boundaries and stick to them consistently. This will help them understand what is expected from them and ensure a structured environment for their development.

There are several essential items that you should have when training your French Bulldog puppy. A treat pouch will come in handy for rewarding good behavior during training sessions. A comfortable collar and harness, along with a lead, are necessary for walks and outdoor training. These items will ensure both the safety and comfort of your puppy as you guide them through their training.

Two crucial aspects to focus on during the early stages of French Bulldog training are crate training and house training. Crate training provides your French Bulldog puppy with a safe and secure space that they can call their own. It helps with house training as well, as dogs naturally avoid soiling their living area. Introduce the crate as a positive and pleasant space and gradually increase their time spent there.

House training a French Bulldog requires consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement. Establish a regular schedule for bathroom breaks and reward them when they eliminate outside. Praise and treats can reinforce the desired behavior and help your puppy understand where they should go to relieve themselves.

By starting early, using positive reinforcement-based methods, and focusing on crate training and house training, you can set your French Bulldog puppy up for success. Remember to be patient and consistent throughout the training process, and celebrate their progress along the way. With dedication and love, your French Bulldog will grow into a well-trained and happy companion.

Understanding the French Bulldog Breed

French Bulldogs have a unique history, originating from England and later becoming popular in France. With their compact physique, adorable bat ears, and cheerful nature, French Bulldogs have stolen the hearts of many dog lovers. But what makes them stand out as a breed and how does this knowledge impact their training?

One important aspect of French Bulldog training is understanding their characteristics. These charming canines are known for their loving and trainable nature. They thrive on human companionship and are eager to please their owners. This makes them highly responsive to obedience training and a joy to work with.

French Bulldogs can also have a lot of energy, which, if not properly channeled, can lead to destructive behavior. To prevent this, it’s important to provide them with enough mental and physical stimulation. Incorporating self-control exercises into their training routine and providing appropriate chew toys can help satisfy their need for stimulation while promoting positive behavior.

Additionally, French Bulldogs are social dogs and often enjoy rough play. They can even thrive in a multi-dog household, especially when paired with larger dogs that can handle their enthusiastic playstyle. Taking this into consideration when designing their training regimen can create a more fulfilling experience for both you and your furry friend.

French Bulldog behavior training

The Push Drop Stick Strategy for Training French Bulldogs

The Push Drop Stick strategy is a highly effective training method that utilizes positive reinforcement techniques to achieve better and faster results in French Bulldog training. This strategy is designed to keep both the owner and the Frenchie engaged and motivated throughout the training process while avoiding boredom and frustration.

The key principle behind the Push Drop Stick strategy is the gradual increase in the difficulty of exercises, tailored to the individual learning pace of your French Bulldog. By starting with simple commands and gradually progressing to more complex tasks, you can ensure that your Frenchie is constantly challenged and motivated to learn.

Consistency is a crucial element of this training approach. By establishing clear boundaries and consistently reinforcing desired behaviors with positive reinforcement, you can effectively communicate your expectations to your Frenchie and promote a harmonious training experience.

Short and frequent training sessions work best with the Push Drop Stick strategy. By breaking down training tasks into manageable chunks, you can maintain your Frenchie’s focus and prevent them from becoming overwhelmed. It is important to celebrate small steps forward and acknowledge your Frenchie’s progress along the way.

positive reinforcement training

Treats can be used as rewards to reinforce positive behaviors during training. By associating treats with desired commands, such as sit, lie down, recall, and retrieve, you can motivate your Frenchie to perform these actions consistently.

Incorporating the Push Drop Stick strategy into your French Bulldog’s training routine can lead to successful command training and the development of a well-behaved Frenchie. Remember to be patient, consistent, and positive in your approach, and you will build a strong bond with your furry companion while achieving impressive training results.


Training a French Bulldog puppy is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. With dedication and consistency, you can shape your furry friend into a well-behaved and obedient companion. Starting early is crucial for their development, as puppies have a great capacity for learning.

By using positive reinforcement-based methods, such as rewards and praise, you can create a positive training environment. Understanding the unique characteristics of the French Bulldog breed is essential in tailoring your training approach. Providing them with appropriate stimulation and exercise will prevent destructive behaviors and keep them happy.

One effective training strategy is the Push Drop Stick method, which involves gradually increasing the difficulty of exercises and adapting them to your Frenchie’s individual learning pace. Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are key in this approach, enabling your dog to grasp commands like sit, lie down, recall, and retrieve.

With the right training techniques and tools, you can ensure that your French Bulldog becomes a happy and well-behaved companion. So, embark on this training journey with enthusiasm, and enjoy the bond that you will create with your Frenchie along the way.


When should I start training my French Bulldog puppy?

Training should begin as soon as you bring your French Bulldog puppy home. Puppy brains are capable of learning and absorbing information at a young age.

What are some essential items I need for training a French Bulldog?

Some essential items include a treat pouch, comfortable collar and harness, a lead, treats, chews and chew toys, and a soft grooming brush.

How do I house train a French Bulldog?

House training is an important aspect of training your French Bulldog. Consistency and positive reinforcement should be used to teach them where to eliminate.

What are some important commands to train a French Bulldog?

Important commands to train a French Bulldog include sit, lie down, recall, and retrieve.

What is the Push Drop Stick strategy for training French Bulldogs?

The Push Drop Stick strategy is a training method that involves gradually increasing the difficulty of exercises and adapting them to the individual learning pace of your French Bulldog.