Orphaned Fox Found On The Roadside Becomes A Family Pet

While driving down the road, a family found a baby fox and decided to take it in and nurse it back to health. The pup would not survive if they left him. They even took it to the vet to be sure he would be okay.

Wild animals often have the misfortune of wandering into areas that aren’t safe for them. Roads and cars often claim the lives of babies that are abandoned by their mothers.

While the began to grow and get better, he formed a lasting relationship with the family collie, Ziva.

Ziva treated the kit as one of her own puppies.

Ziva was extremely gentle and taught him how to exercise.

The kit made friends with the family’s cat, and the fox learned to use the cat door whenever he was outside

Eventually, he was returned to the wild, but every now and again, he comes back for a visit, using that cat door to gain entry.

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