Ten Puppies Abandoned And Left Inside A Cardboard Box

This is the story of ten orphan puppies who were found in a cardboard box soaked in their urine. Their mommy was never found, and they were taken to a rescue. These puppies were on the verge of death when the rescuers rushed them to the vet.

The pups were found in a rural village in Italy, and unfortunately, two puppies died within a day.

One of the brothers found a loving forever home. However, the remaining seven brothers are still at the shelter.

This pup is still cringing his paws in fear…

Seeing the critical emaciation in the pups, the volunteers decided to skip the bath and bottle feed the starving puppies.

It was almost mandatory that these bony pups get food more than the medicines.

And, boy were they hungry!

This little guy just went on gulping down all the milk for a long, long while

… Until he was inflated with milk in his belly …

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