Foals Are Playing Ball, But One Of Them Isn’t Very Good At Sharing…


Humans aren’t the only ones who experience stress. Animals can feel stressed as well and that includes horses!  But how do you relieve a horse’s stress?

The most effective way of relieving stress is through exercise and play using all types of toys! Toys help promote herd play, aid in proper digestion and eating behaviors and they bring fun to training.

Featured in the video below are a mare and her two adorable foals. As mom quietly grazes nearby, the foals make the most of their outdoor time to play with each other.

These adorable babies are full of energy and curiosity, particularly the one with the big blue ball. As soon as she got the opportunity, she went straight for it and attacked! But, you’ll get a kick out of what she does when her sister tries to play with her ball.


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