Firefighters Save Guinea Pig From Burning House

Polk County Fire Rescue in Florida arrive on the scene of a house fire where no humans were injured. They always amaze us with their acts of heroism and tenderness, especially towards animals.

They were told there was a pet in the house and they rushed into the house, to save the family’s pet guinea pig.

He had inhaled too much smoke, and would die if he did not get oxygen. The firefighters obviously didn’t have a guinea pig sized oxygen, but used their creativity and managed to make a mask designed for babies.

The family was incredibly thankful to the firefighters, they saved the little guinea pig’s life!

The family says their pet is doing well now, and that they have nothing but respect for those working with Polk County Fire Rescue.

It is estimated that 40,000 to 150,000 pets die each year by fire, and their deaths are usually caused by smoke inhalation. This grateful family is trying to change that, and they’re working to raise money to create pet-catered oxygen masks!

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