Brave Firefighters Rescue 25-Year-Old Distressed Horse Stuck In Mud

Kiersa, a 25-year-old horse, found herself in a very sticky situation in Florida. The horse was stuck in a patch of extremely thick mud and unable to move.

Hillsborough County firefighters rushed to the scene to try and rescue Kiersa from the mud in Plant City, near Tampa. Initially, they tried to break her out of the mud’s suction, but it proved to be a lot harder than they thought it would be. That’s when they had to call a veterinarian and get heavy equipment to make the rescue a little easier.


The horse was so frightened and stressed out, that they decided to give her an anesthetic to calm her down. The vet, Dr. Alexandra Urban, from the Brandon Equine Medical Center, put her to sleep while rescuers pulled her free using padded straps. They were finally able to put her through the straps and hoist her out of the mud and into the air to safety.


Once she was removed from the mud, the vets examined Kiersa to make sure she did not have any broken bones. Thankfully, she was unharmed and woke up 30 minutes later.  She was able to stand up on her own after receiving IV fluids and antibiotics.


Kiersa’s family was so grateful to have her back safe and healthy. Excellent work by the Hillsborough County Fire Department, along with the veterinarians who were on the scene to help.



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