Firefighters Rescue A Boy And His Dog From A 23 Foot-Deep Hole…

A 4 -year-old boy named Gabe Allbritton found himself in dire need of help when he fell down a 23-foot hole in the yard of his Brookhaven, Mississippi, home. Gabe had set out to find his missing dog on the evening of Sept. 7 after hearing what sounded like barking. Gabe’s mother Linda Allbritton said that their poodle had gone missing one to two days before the event.
Allbritton and Gabe’s grandmother were in the yard with Gabe when he went missing. Allbritton describes the abrupt moment Gabe disappeared, saying he was running in the yard one minute, and he was gone the next. She was not aware of the hole’s existence until the day her son fell in.
The  video below shows footage from the intensive rescue that ensued after Allbritton phoned the authorities for help. The hole was once used as a water well. It was too narrow for initial rescue efforts to be successful, forcing emergency responders to labor for three and a half hours before pulling Gabe to safety. 

Rescue crews constructed a rope device and told Gabe how to use it. It took a little persuading to encourage Gabe to put his hands and feet through the rope, but once he obliged, the emergency crew was able to hoist him to the surface. ABC News reports that the dog, who had also fallen down the hole, was pulled to safety shortly after Gabe. 

Gabe suffered zero broken bones and walked away from the incident with only scratches and bruises. The jubilation of the Brookhaven community over Gabe’s rescue is evident in the communal cheering recorded in the video below. Watch the news segment and share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

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