They Rescued A Stray, Feral Dog Thinking He Was Going To Die, But This Happened Instead…

Billy was a stray dog that was running around nearly feral and suffering from many diseases and parasites. His story is a heart-wrenching tale, but it has a happy ending.

Rural Greece is not known for animal care, but one woman decided she had to do something for this poor creature.

She feared that after he saw the doctor, the news would be bad. However, the doctor said that he was NOT too far gone and that he would be able to help Billy.

Valia and her dog Billy, set off on a long road of recovery. They had a lot to work through, and in the beginning, Billy could hardly move.

After just 10 days, they began to see improvement, Billy wagged his tail, and that is when they knew that the dog would make it.

After only two short months, the dog is now a healthy, happy pup, that has fur again, and can get around on her own.

This all happened because of the magic of social networking. Billy was put in to contact with this amazing foster family through a picture shared on Facebook.

Social media is changing the lives of animals all over the world.


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