Two Loving Rescue Dogs Were Separated, But Eventually Adopted By The Same Owners

Blikkiesdorp a township in Cape Town, South Africa, and life there is not easy for the many people who live there are poor. The town is full of violence and is a very dangerous place to live.

Animal Sanctuary, Tin Can Town was founded by three South African women, Danielle Stockigt, Clarina Hanekom, and Rosie Kunneke

They created the rescue to help the homeless or suffering animals in Blikkiesdorp. Tin Can Town offers veterinary care, spays and neuters, and even food.

Kunneke found a dog named Caesar who lived with a couple in a shack; he was very skinny, and Kunneke would always be sure to give him food when she saw him.


When Caesar’s humans broke up, he moved in with a woman who didn’t take good care of him at all. When Caesar was ten years old, Kunneke took him and put him in foster care.

In another part of Blikkiesdorp, lived a four-month-old puppy named Saskia.

Saskia was in bad shape and moved into the same foster home as Caesar – and the two fell in love immediately!


Caesar was adopted by a couple in Cape Town and left the foster home. Saskia was devastated to lose her best friend.

She grew depressed and didn’t want to play; she just laid in the bed she and Caesar used to share.

In only a few months, the couple who adopted Caesar returned to Tin Can Town and adopted Saskia (who was still looking for a forever home)!

They remembered each other instantly!


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