These Families Of Tigers And German Shepherds Were Raised To Be Inseparable

With poachers and habitat loss steadily pushing the Siberian tiger closer to extinction, there are several other species of these big cats we will never see again. The Oasis of the Siberian Tiger in Senec, Slovakia is taking actions to prevent it.


Yveta Irsova, owner of the sanctuary,  opened the Oasis in 1999, and it is now home to 28 tigers contributing to a small genetic pool.

But what do you get a tiger cub who has everything? A trio of German Shepherds, obviously. Two-year-old Suria, mother to 4-month-old cub Sunny, grew up with the pups (who belong to Irsova) from the day she was born.




The group is remarkably fond of each other and play in the wide open spaces! 


Lucia Zustakova, who visited the Oasis and provided many of these amazing photos, says that “Suria plays with the dogs every day and they just love her. I love animals and love the oasis [sic]—it’s a great project to help these tigers that are facing extinction.”


It’s not just Suria who enjoys the dogs’ company. Blacky, Hugo, and Jenny have also made a dog-lover out of her cub. Sunny learned right away how to play with the pups. “The five of them behave more like siblings than rival species”, according to volunteer Martin Ziman.


It’s definitely not the first time dogs have established a deep bond with members of another species, a couple of tigers are housed out of harm’s way and with friends who like to play just as rough.  

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