Family Saves Tiny Piglet From Freezing To Death During A Terrifying Blizzard

When Perry Smith and his family were going to go skiing at a Pennsylvania resort the resort closed for the blizzard. They decided instead, to stay at a Maryland hotel and wait for the storm to pass. While the family was on their way to the hotel, they noticed a white-pink lump along the side of the road.  They investigated and discovered it was a piglet.

Smith was not sure if the piglet was alive, and when he picked up the piglet, it squealed. They brought the piglet into the warm car, and wrapped it in a sweatshirt so they could sneak it into the hotel.

They nursed the piglet to health, giving him food and water, and warmed him up.  They named the piglet Wee Wee.

They became attached to Wee Wee but were unable to care for him in their Chevy Chase, Maryland home. They scoured the Internet and discovered Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland, a farm animal sanctuary that saves animals, and gives pigs forever homes.

Terry Cummings, co-founder, and co-director of the sanctuary, says they got lots of calls from people who find farm animals on the side of the road. The sanctuary has a wonderful four-acre pasture for the pigs.

Wee Wee will be dropped off at the farm and spend awhile in the infirmary until he’s big enough to go into the pasture with the other pigs.

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