Family Saves Dog Moments Before She Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized

Annie, a very sweet and loving dog, had been taken to a shelter, after being abandoned by her previous family. While at the shelter, it seemed that no one wanted to adopt her. The shelter was heartbroken, but they scheduled Annie to be put down.

One day, a family entered the shelter and changed Annie’s life forever. The family saw Annie’s picture and story and immediately rushed over to the shelter to meet the little dog. When the shelter workers brought Annie out to meet the family, she set her sights on one particular member of the family. Annie simply burst with affection and love for their little girl who was more than willing to take Annie in her arms. Annie proceeded to lick the little girl all over, showing how happy she was to see her. Because of the genuine connection, Annie had with the little girl, her adoption papers were signed in no time and she was able to go to her forever home with her new family!



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