Tiny Four-Week Old Orphaned Kitten Was Rescued From The Side Of The Road

When a good Samaritan found a tiny 4-week-old kitten alone on the side of the road, they gave him food. When Charmaine Chionh found the kitten she said he was very calm, just sitting there watching all the cars drive by.

When Charmaine saw the kitten, they knew it was too dangerous for the tiny guy to sit there alone.

They picked him up and took him home.

Once he was fed, his personality began to come out, and he started meowing with joy!

Charmaine said that the kitten was so hungry that he didn’t have the strength to move before.

Once he was done eating, the kitten happily meowed. The kitten was named “Venom” and received round-the-clock care from that moment on.

Venom was fed every two hours and medicine to treat his infection. He followed his humans everywhere they went.

Being so young, Venom needed assistance when he went to the toilet.  Charmaine said he didn’t know how to clean himself and they would wash him and wrap him up like a burrito.

In the evening, Venom loves to snuggle. And as luck would have it, Venom never left that foster home – it became his forever home.

He bonded with his humans and all of  the older cats in the home.


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