Family’s Life Was Changed Forever When They Rescued A Wild Animal

Shelter animals are treated differently than wild animals.  Wild animals are usually rehabilitated so they can be returned to the wild. The volunteers at shelters try not to get too attached because they know it’s inevitable they’ll leave.

That was until one woman and her family decided to change that. She volunteers at several animal shelters, one of them being a wild animal rescue, and her focus in life is to save as many animals as possible.  That’s where Kona comes in.

Kona is one of five baby foxes who were rescued before they were even a week old.

No one knows how they were found, but this woman decided to open her heart and her home to the poor creature.

It is essential to that the kit is provided with warmth since kits are prone to illness if they’re not kept warm enough.  It can be especially difficult without their mother around.

They need to be fed every two hours.

Once Kona’s eyes were open, he was able to wander in their yard and even and even had his first bath.

Kona is now two months old and is definitely thriving and has become a part of their family.


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