Facebook Message To The Horrible Person Who Dumped A Dog Goes Viral

Dion Cole was running late for work when he saw a pickup truck pull over to the side of the road and toss out a dog  and drive off. Dion was beyond shocked at what he had just seen.

He told his wife, Danielle what  happened and she shared the incident on a Facebook post. The post uickly went viral. Danielle started the post referring to the person as a “dirtbag”  and rightfully so.

Powerful message

The post described how after the owner tossed him, the dog ran after the truck until it collapsed from exhaustion.

Dion stopped and tried to help the poor dog, but it was too scared, and it ran off into the woods.

They later left a bowl of food while other people showed up and tried to help catch the dog.

Finally, Danielle said in her post, with the help of a little boy, they were able to pick up the terrified dog.

The Coles are taking care of the little dog until a permanent home can be found. Read her complete post below:

Danielle said the little dog is sweet, loving and handsome and she can’t imagine why anyone would throw him out like a piece of trash.

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