Cat Thought To Be Too ‘Ugly’ To Be Adopted, Found A New Home

Meet Possum, who is an unusual looking cat with thin gray fur and a rat-like tail. Rescuers think Possum was a burn victim or that she has mange. Stephanie’s mom thinks Possum is just perfect.

Possum’s mom was a feral cat and she was born in a backyard in central North Carolina. Stephanie’s co-worker did her best to care for the mother cat and all her babies.

The kittens in the litter looked just like mom with white and calico fur.

Possum was the runt of the litter when she was born.

it is believed that Possum got the recessive genes of a werewolf cat or lykoi.

Each of Possum’s brothers and sisters found loving homes.

But no one wanted to adopt Possum.

Stephanie said that if her co-worker took Possum to a shelter, she would probably be euthanized.

Stephanie already had a full house at the time, but she fell in love with Possum with her thin fur, wrinkly skin, and potato scent.

Stephanie rescued Possum and gave her a loving home.

Stephanie’s other cats weren’t sure what to make of Possum.

Stephanie showered Possum with love, and eventually, Possum thrived.

Possum likes to chase shadows, sleep, play, and cuddle.

Possum has no idea that she was different.


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