He Was Just Filming A Tree When He Saw The Strangest Creature…

This man was simply filming a random tree stump in a wooded area, when the most unexpected thing happened. This is absolutely amazing. This adorable little creature is an ermine. After seeing this, we realized that the only thing we know about ermines is that they are frustratingly cute! We had to do some research and learn a bit more about these little guys.

“The ermine is found all over Canada, northern USA, and Eurasia.” So, it’s easy to deduce that these white creatures like to blend in with the snow.
Also, they explain why this precious creature was found where he was. “They make their dens in the old roots of a tree or in the crevice of a rock.” Next time you find yourself up north, be sure to have your phone ready when you come across any broken tree stumps or large rocks. I know I will!

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