An Emu Discovers A Sprinkler And Has The Best Reaction Ever

An emu from Australia named Blacky was running around — just having a quite normal day, in other words — when he suddenly discovered a sprinkler.


And that sprinkler made all of Blacky’s dreams come true.

Blacky seems to be quite shocked and stumped by what exactly a sprinkler is, but that doesn’t really matter — he loves it no matter what.

He was SO amazed, in fact, that as soon as he felt the sprinkler spraying him … he fell down out of shock!


Watching Blacky splash around and roll on his back like a dog is simply perfect, and he absolutely could not have had a better time.


We’ve all seen dogs play in sprinklers, but this is probably the first time you’ve ever seen an emu enjoying a little backyard water fun.

Check out the full video of Blacky and the sprinkler below:



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