Two Emaciated Dogs Were So Underweight They Almost Didn’t Survive

Two abandoned dogs, Emmy and Oscar, were rescued by the Chicago Police Department in July this year. The pups were not only abandoned, but they were also dangerously underweight and required immediate medical assistance. Once the police found them, they alerted the local rescue group called Trio Animal Foundation and requested help.

Emmy should have weighed at least 45 and 48 pounds but actually weighed just 24 pounds. She was literally starving and received IV fluids and several small meals a day to help her regain her health.

Oscar’s condition was even worse and he was suffering from hypophosphatemia, a condition which means that there’s not much oxygen going into his heart, brain, muscles, and cells because of lack of phosphorus in his blood. He was close to a liver failure and so to help him, they immediately started him on IV fluids, vitamin B, and other electrolytes.

Once Emmy regained her health, she was adopted from the same animal hospital where she was treated! One of her vets Anthony, actually fell in love with the pup and decided to adopt her. Emmy couldn’t live without Anthony.

As for Oscar, his forever family is yet to come, but he’s made full recovery. Oscar received special training to help him regain his trust in humans and is now ready for adoption!

Emmy and Oscar have proved to the world that no matter how you treat them, they’re ready to love and look forward to a bright loving future!


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