Firefighter Are Surprised When They Are Approached By A Friendly Elk

Some species of wild animals prefer a solitary life. However, most of them like the company of other animals of the same species. When hiking in the woods, it may be unusual to see any large wild animals.

That is unless you go to Kittitas County, Washington where you would meet an elk named Buttons, who was abandoned by her family.

Buttons is well-known in the area and spends her time with goats and cows. Although there are elk herds in the area, Buttons has shown no interest in trying to join them. She prefers to spend time with her foster cow and goat families.

Buttons can also be seen visiting nearby ranches. recently, during a wildfire in Kittitas County, the firefighters were approached by Buttons!

Buttons walked right up to the firefighters and posed for pictures! Buttons had no fear and gave a few quick friendly nuzzles!

The firefighters posted all of the pictures on their Facebook page which delighted many of the county residents.

Their hope from all this publicity is that prospective game hunters in the area will see the photos and not shoot Buttons if they run across her in the woods.

Most wild elk would not date to approach or be touched by humans. Buttons is the exception! She is just looking for love and a few friends to play with!

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