Elephant Reunited With Her Mom Years After Being Separated

Me-Bai was a three-year-old elephant when she was kidnapped and sold to a Thai company that wanted to train her as a riding elephant for tourists. She was forced into a hard life and quickly became depressed. She began to lose an unhealthy amount of weight.

Thankfully, workers from Elephant Nature Park stepped in, adopted her, and nursed her back to health. Elephant Nature Park soon learned something amazing about Me-Bai’s mother.

When Elephant Nature Park rescued Me-Bai and learned that her mother, who was about 30 years old, was also giving tourist rides, they decided to reach out to Mae Yui’s owners to see if they would be willing to retire her.

Mae Yui’s owners agreed, and Elephant Nature Park planned a big surprise for both elephants. The long-separated mother and daughter now had a chance to reunite!

When Me-Bai was finally reunited with her mother, it was emotional, to say the least. “An elephant never forgets,” as the saying goes—and that was certainly true for these two, whose loving reunion was caught on camera.

Normally, a baby elephant spends 11 years with her mother before she’s able to leave her side. However, Me-Bai was kidnapped at such a young age and was overjoyed to see her mother again. Mae Yui was clearly excited to have her baby back, too.

Because Elephant Nature Park rescued both of them, Me-Bai and Mae Yui are being rehabilitated to return to the wild together. In the meantime, their interactions spread smiles all around and anyone can see how happy the reunion made them.

Me-Bai and Mae Yui’s reunion is truly touching.

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