After 22 Years, She Sadly Says Goodbye To Her Keeper…

Shirley, the elephant and Solomon, the keeper, have an award winning story called “The Urban Elephant.”

Before Shirley met Solomon, she was living a terrible life in a circus.  After her rescue from the circus, she then spent 20 years inside a Louisiana zoo, all by herself! 

For the last two decades, Solomon was Shirley’s keeper and the two shared an incredible bond! Solomon knewthat Shirley was lonely and he spent as much time as he could giving her love and affection.

Solomon also realized that despite everything he was doing for her, Shirley would be much happier in the company of other elephants. Shirley needed her freedom and in 2003, the zoo agreed to send Shirley to The Elephant Sanctuary.  There, she would have plenty of free space to walk, heated barns to relax and be among other elephants.

In the video below you’ll see how Shirley and her keeper travel together to help Shirley adjust to her new environment. Solomon was brought to tears as he bathed Shirley for the last time.  But he did realize the fact that Shirley would finally be happy.

Once she got to the sanctuary, Shirley unexpectedly reunited with an elephant she had known a long time ago! It turns out that the other elephant was Jenny who also worked with Shirley in the same circus 30 years ago!

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