Three Elephant Calves Give Their Dying Mother A Heartwarming Sendoff

Certain animals have a very real understanding of life, and it is fascinating to watch. Humans are not the only species who must experience the grieving process.

At the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, an elephant matriarch named Nalakite fell terminally ill. It was not long before she was expected to pass away and what her three calves did in her final days was amazing.

One afternoon, workers at the Elephant Aware Masai Mara Reserve found her collapsed in a muddy ditch. She was an elderly gal and it did not look like she had the strength to get back up. Nalakite was an elephant matriarch who had given birth to three calves.

While their mother struggled to lift herself out of the thick mud,  Nalakite’s three calves watched solemnly. They seemed to understand that their mother’s life was coming to an end and they did something heartwarming to ease her pain.

The baby elephants spent every minute right by their mother’s side as she slowly lost her strength. It was as if they wanted to be there to ease as much of her pain as possible. She was surrounded by her loved ones.

Nalakite’s oldest son laid down next to her in the mud so he could be as close to his mother as possible. It was both touching and heartbreaking to watch.

The workers at the national reserve gave Nalakite and her children plenty of space to mourn. They watched as the calves stroked their mother’s side with their trunks.

The two older calves actually placed their trunks over the youngest in a comforting embrace. It was almost as if they were giving their youngest sibling a hug.

Finally, on the morning that Nalakite passed away, her children remained with her body for several hours. The calves were in mourning, and the workers at the reserve gave them as much time as they needed before they removed Nalakite’s body.

The death of Nalakite was sad for both her family and the employees at the Masai Mara National Reserve. They still had each other to lean on because the bond between elephants is just as strong as the one between humans.

It took the three calves time to acclimate to life without Nalakite. They spent time with other elephant family members.

The workers felt that the elephant calves would be able to adapt to life without Nalakite, but it was difficult for the first few days.

This story may be tragic to us, but these animals are as well-equipped to deal with the difficulties life throws at them as we are. Nalakite’s memory will live on forever.

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