Eagles Surprised The World When They Adopted Their Prey

Suddenly, out of nowhere a huge bird swoops in and plucks a young baby bird. The baby was just a small hatchling, waiting in the nest for its mom to come back with a meal. The baby stays gripped in the sharp claws of the humongous bird flying to an unknown destination.

The bird landed on its nest because she has babies to feed, and this baby will be their next meal. Until something happens, the soon to be “meal” opens its mouth and lets out a squawk. It wants to eat too!

The mother bird looked at the helpless little bird and was unsure what to do. Instead, she does what any other mother would do. She feeds the baby, the baby that was supposed to be her offspring’s next meal.

This was really unique. The large bird was a bald eagle and the young bird, most likely as prey, was a baby red-tailed hawk. Experts surmise that one of the parents brought it back as either an egg or a newly hatched baby.

Despite both birds being in the raptor family, they do not get along. In fact, it is said they are natural born enemies. Both birds are carnivores, and being birds of prey, they hunt other animals for food. They have distinctive mighty claws that grasp their prey and beaks designed to tear flesh.

This really was a remarkable act on the part of the Eagles! They adopted the red-tailed hawk and continued to feed it and treat it as one of their own eaglets. Eagles typically only hatch two eggs, but in this case, they hatch three. Eagle chicks are much larger than hawk chicks and thus require more nourishment.

The baby hawk did not only survive living in an eagle’s nest, but he thrived! The hawk left the nest before his bigger eagle siblings. He began killing and eating fish on his own. He adapted to his new family quite well and now sees himself as a true eagle!

Instead of seeing the hungry baby as food or a burden, they opened their hearts and took him in as their own. This is just another example of how the animal world can teach us about love and seeing another’s need and meeting it. These birds really defied all odds! Watch the video below to see this loving, but unique family.

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