Dying Puppy Walked Into A Strange Workplace And Was Immediately Rescued

The unconditional love a puppy has for his human is so special.  Cody Leightenheimer experienced this at work one day. While at work, he saw a dying puppy approach a stranger.

The puppy fell asleep on the floor in the man’s office.

When he was taken to the vet, they realized he was deaf, malnourished, suffering from cataracts, stomach ulcers and had rotten teeth.

That’s when the man was told that the puppy wouldn’t survive long because of abuse and malnutrition and the “puppy” was in fact actually 8-12 years old!

This was the first time the poor dog was treated well.

He was taken home and treated like a king!

Here he is enjoying the snow!

He loved playing dress up games!

He is cute, isn’t he?

He plays lots and lots of games!

This photo was taken just a few days before he passed away…

They said tearful goodbyes to the rescued pup, who in a short period of time, developed a very strong bond with.



This puppy lived only one year but it was probably the best year of his life.


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