Dying Puppy Walked Into His New Owner’s Office

Cody Leightenheimer was at work one day when a puppy wandered into the building.  The poor dog was very ill and could barely walk.

The man saw that the pup was covered in fleas and was starving. He gave him food before taking him home.

After he ate, the puppy fell asleep on the floor in the man’s office.

When the man took the pup to the vet, he was told the puppy was deaf, had malnutrition, cataracts, stomach ulcers and rotten teeth.

The man was told that the puppy wouldn’t survive long because of abuse and malnutrition and that’s when they realized that this puppy was actually 8-12 years old.


He took the dog home and treated him like royalty and he absolutely loved it!

At home, he was king!

This is him playing in the snow!

He loved participating in dress up games!

How cute is he?

He loved to play games!


He loved to pose for photos.

In a short period of time, they developed a very strong bond.

They napped together!

Wink, wink…

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