Dying Homeless Man Desperately Tries To Find His Dog A Home

A homeless man and his dog were grateful when Jenine-Lacette grabbed a blanket, cat food, and a roll of toilet paper from her car and walked over to where they were sitting.

The man identified himself as 60-year-old Clifford James Herbert; his dog was named Baby. Jenine-Lacette found Clifford James Herbert and Baby huddled together and tried to stay warm. She began talking to him and learned the tragic truth: Cliff, once a farm worker and mechanic’s shop owner, lost his job when he became disabled after complications from a heart surgery and tracheotomy in 2006.

Moreover, now, the homeless man learned he was dying of cancer with only has a few weeks to live and his only wish was for someone to adopt his sweet dog, Baby.

“She’s my whole world,” Cliff, also a gifted guitarist said during an interview. With the help of Jenine-Lacette, he was able to stay at a motel out of the cold and safe.

“She’s my best friend. She protects me.” Cliff protects Baby who he rescued after finding a man had been beating her with a flashlight.

Cancer spread to his brain and Clifford knew he had to find a home for Baby before it was too late. With the help of Jenine-Lacette and several others, he was able to achieve that goal.

Baby was adopted recently by a woman named Stephanie Walker and her family. She has a forever home and will be loved unconditionally!

The family not only has other dogs, but there is someone to stay home with them all day. Baby will be surrounded by loving friends.

It’s tragic that Clifford won’t be around for much longer. But thankfully he was able to witness his beloved Baby finding her new forever home.

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