Camera Captures The Moment Heroic Duck Saved A Chicken From Deadly Hawk Attack

The video in this story makes a strong case for animals saving animals.

While on the farm, a family chicken went out for a stroll when a hungry hawk came swooping down to attack the chicken. The chicken desperately tried to run back to its’ coop, but it was too late.

The hawk had the helpless chicken in his talons within seconds when an expected hero came rushing towards him. The hero’s name was Felix, the duck!

The security camera footage showed Felix coming from out of nowhere to save his chicken friend. As Felix rushed forward, the hawk and Felix began to fight.

Felix knocked the hawk off balance, while the hawk maintained its’ grip on the chicken. Felix did not give up, and rushed at the hawk again, this time hitting it in the face with his beak.

The hawk finally let go of the chicken and flew away quickly.


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