Rescued Puppy Was Found With Drugs In His System

Drug abuse is a huge problem. And as everyone knows, they have serious consequences when used long term.

However, did you know that dogs and cats can become addicted to drugs too? Not by choice, if they are in the room where the drugs are, they inhale the smoke. It’s not clear what happens to the brain of a dog or a cat when they are exposed to drugs.

Bubba was exposed, though.

During a drug raid in California. Bubba was found, in a motel, and his owner, Joshua West, was arrested. Bubba was taken to Orange County Animal Care where he tested positive for nicotine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

Bubba’s photos taken after the raid, you can see that he is not very healthy, and he seems a little out of it. However, Bubba is on the road to recovery! A recent picture shows him looking quite  happy even.

Once Bubba has fully recovered, he will be given to a rescue that will try to find him a forever home.

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