Heartbreaking Photos Of Dogs Left Behind During Hurricane Harvey

Houston, Texas, is experiencing catastrophic levels of flooding due to the torrential rains being dumped in the region by tropical storm Harvey. Over 30 people have been reported dead, while much more are injured, and thousands have been displaced. As people flee to save themselves, many are leaving their animals behind. You can see from these heartbreaking pictures; dogs are being left behind to fend for themselves in what might be the worst flood in the history of Houston.

Despite Texan officials repeatedly warning people about leaving their pets and livestock behind, one dog was spotted tied to a road barrier while a river of rain threatened to carry it away. Others were seen chained up to trees and telephone poles in areas that have seen as much as 10 inches of rainfall in just 24 hours.

“I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog in extreme weather conditions,” said Chief Stephen Carlisle in Roman Forest, about 40 miles north of Houston. “Dogs are your family members too.” We could not agree more. Our hearts go out to the people and pets who are currently affected by tropical storm Harvey.

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