Heroes Rescue Several Dogs Stranded During A Massive Flood

Floods can be devastating and may develop slowly giving people ample warning. Flash floods, however, can develop in just a few minutes without any sign of rain. Floods can affect an entire river basin, or just a neighborhood or community.

Their damage is vast. Buildings, bridges, roadways, are destroyed and lives can be lost. Communities affected by floods lose power, and when the water treatment plants are not in operation, the water supply may become contaminated. Damage to the roads (or standing water) will hamper rescue efforts.

The extreme flooding in Brazoria, Texas submerged the entire town. Because the evacuations happened so quickly, there were many, families who could not get back home to rescue their dogs.

One man and his son decided they would try and rescue some dogs stranded in a house! They had very limited supplies and a small boat, but rode around town and picked up any dogs they found along the way.

The pair rescued a total of 40 dogs taking many back and forth trips! All of the dogs to a temporary animal shelter.

The dogs were taken care of until their families could come pick them up! Despite the danger, the man, and his son continued to rescue as many dogs as they could find!

The families affected were so grateful for their gesture! These men are true heroes!

They did something amazing, risked their lives to save dogs! Well done!


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