Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Can Tell A Lot About Him…

Did you know that the position your pup sleeps in tells a lot about the dog?  If your dog loves sleeping on his tummy, this position makes it possible for them to jump up at the slightest threat.

If your pet likes to sleep on his side, this position means that your dog is quite comfortable in its surroundings.

Then there’s the ‘super dog’ sleepers, who love to stretch out on their stomachs, they look like they’re flying.

The most innate sleeping position for dogs is just curling up. Most dogs who sleep like this are indoor dogs.  They curl up in a ball, with their paws tucked under their body and their tails wrapped around their faces. This position is the least vulnerable of all. This position also helps them to conserve body heat and gives them to ability to be on their feet immediately if need be.

Curling is the usual sleep position for wild dogs, like wolves and coyotes. They’re all packed together and it gives them the advantage of awareness when awakening.  Their senses are already heightened to the movements, sounds and scents around them.  It also serves to conserve space in their den and is a way to protect their babies and share each other’s body heat. Even most domesticated puppies will curl up together or close to their mother.

And finally, dogs that prefer to sleep on their backs, with their legs high in the air. This position can be found in the most secure and confident indoor pets. By sleeping on their backs, they’re actually putting themselves in the most vulnerable position that they could be in. This position is also considered to be the most comfortable and most restful position of them all!

Whatever sleeping position your dog chooses, just make sure that their sleeping arrangement is safe and comfortable. A happy dog is a dog is well rested.

The pups in the photos below are all well rested!


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