Dog Training Program Changed The Lives Of Both The Dogs And Inmates

The New Leash on Life program pairs up prisoners and shelter dogs for training.  The program has been improving both of their lives.  The pairing of dogs and prisoners together is a new trend in the prison system.  It offers prisoners the chance to take responsibility for the life of another creature and teach them how to behave.

One o the perks for the prisoners is the chance to play with the dogs while they’re training!

The prisoners even read to the pups!

When dogs end up in shelters,  or are stray dogs who have been taken off the streets, they tend to fall into a state of depression when they’ve been there for too long.

The shelter staff give them as much attention as they can, but it’s often not enough.

But when they are sent to live with the prisoners, they not only get attention, they learn some basic manners.

Prisoners preparing these pooches to take the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test.  Once they passed, they are ready to find their own forever homes.

The dogs that are in the program are those with the highest risk of being euthanized.

The inmates benefit by learning key skills to help them prepare for the job market once they’re released from prison.

Over thirty dogs have been adopted and 90% of the inmates who participated in the program have qualified for paid internships upon their release.

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