Photographer Changes Shelter Dog’s Life After Her Photos Went Viral

John Hwang is a Los Angeles photographer, who came into the shelter for a visit to take pictures of some of the pets. He does this hoping to bring attention to the ones who truly needed help to find them forever homes.

Hwang went up to the little pup’s cage, and read her card, “I do not have a name yet,” and the words broke his heart.

The pup obviously did not want any attention; she stayed in her little corner. “My first thought was this is one of those dogs that are just in shock over being in this kind of environment,” said Hwang.


However, out of the blue, this little pup with no name nudged her face against the cage and rested her head in Hwang’s outstretched hand.

“It was just so beautiful the way she reached out to me. I felt like she was doing all the work. She was reaching out to me. And I thought ‘I want to be able to capture that and show just how much she was wanting to connect with somebody’” said Hwang.

He captured the touching moment, and posted it to social media where the photos received hundreds of shares!

When he returned to the shelter to check up on the precious little no-name pup, he was told that she had been adopted and found her forever home!


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