Dog’s Heartwarming Reaction When He Hears Owner’s Voice After Missing For Two Years

Bosco, a beagle mix, managed to get himself loose one day and decided to go out and explore the world. Unfortunately, Bosco explored a bit too much and was lost.

The dog was scared, and he was alone, but he somehow found a way to survive for 764 days! Bosco would go to local restaurants and for food scraps in the garbage to survive. Many lost dogs never see their owners again, but Bosco’s story was far from over…

Bosco was hunting for dog food when he came across a delicious smell. He was surprised when he found himself trapped in a cage with no way of escaping!

Fortunately, for Bosco, these humans did some research and found out that Bosco’s original owner had moved away. They then arranged a video call so that Bosco could reunite with his owner online.

Check out a video of the online reunion below!

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