Dog Waits All Night For Santa Before His Wish Comes True

Watch as an adorable little pup decorates his doghouse and sets out the cookies and milk for Santa.

Merry Christmas everyone!

the Jack Russell Terrier strings the lights around his doghouse, the pup hangs his stocking by the entrance.  Next, he slides a plate of cookies out in front of the doghouse along with a glass of milk. The adorable dog stands on his hind legs and lets his Christmas wish be known.

It’s hard to sleep on Christmas Eve with all of the excitement going on. The dog decides it won’t hurt to have one of the cookies. After filling his belly and pacing around a little bit, the pup’s off to dreamland.

That’s when Santa arrives! The special moment is capped off by Santa making the dog’s Christmas wish come true.

May all your Christmas wishes come true.

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