The Nepalese Love Dogs So Much, They Have Their Very Own Celebration

We commonly hear how dog is man’s best friend. But no one takes this more seriously than the Nepalese, apparently.

Once a year, during their annual “Kukur Tihar” festival, dogs are adorned in garlands and colorful powder.

It’s simply the nation’s way of thanking the loyal pets for their well-known sense of friendship and devotion toward man.

Every year, Eastern “Diwali” festivities, referred to as “Tihal” are celebrated in Nepal. But one unique aspect of this time in Nepal is that the second day of Tihar in Nepal is entirely devoted to celebrating our four-legged friends – dogs. They call the day “Kukur Tihar”, a special day meant to thank and venerate dogs for their loyalty and friendship.


Photo: Imgur


Photo: Imgur

Their faces are adorned with a harmless powder, to symbolize that they are sacred.


Photo: Imgur


Photo: Imgur

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