Everyone Was Afraid Of This Dog, Until A Hero Stepped In An Rescued Him

An animal control officer rescued a dog with half a nose roaming the streets. The dog, called Bjarni,  did have a family, but when they were contacted, they said they no longer wanted him.  The family, clearly didn’t want him back because of how he looked.

The officer then took Bjarni to Anne Graber, the founder of St. Francis’ Angels, a Texas-based animal rescue group.  He hoped they could help Bjarni. Anne said that she would do everything possible to make the poor dog feel loved.

Anne said that Bjarni was having a difficult time eating and breathing because his nose is blanketing the sinus cavities. Other than that, Bjarni is a normal dog and he absolutely loves being around people.

Jason Balara, a Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, will be performing a surgery to try and fix Bjarni’s broken nose. He plans to reconstruct his face and realign the nose so that the poor dog can eat and breath in peace.


Thanks to the fundraising by St. Francis Angel’s, Bjarni’s surgery was not only successful but paid for as well. He is doing very well and looks like a new dog!

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