When This Husky’s Owner Mentions Potatoes, She Has The Funniest Reaction Ever

Mishka the husky’s unique talent has earned her an impressive following online. In the video below, Mishka’s owners inform their son that they’re having potatoes for dinner. After the little boy’s negative reaction to the meal, the father directs the question to Mishka, whose unexpected response has caused quite a stir.

Mishka is  a 12-year-old Siberian husky with a knack for speaking her mind.  Mishka and her sister Laika are featured in a plethora of YouTube videos. Their gardea23 channel has some 700,000 subscribers and nearly 500 million page views. Mishka’s breakout hit came seven years ago, when her owner recorded her saying, “I love you.” That video alone has been viewed over 97 million times. 
The beloved Siberian husky crashed the Internet scene and then made her way onto television screens. That’s right — Mishka has been featured on a number of different news segments. In addition to that, she even made an appearance on “Live With Regis and Kelly” and “The Today Show.” Her charm certainly hasn’t worn off.
Below you can watch one of the many great videos showcasing Mishka and her incredible abilities. Can your dog do that?

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