Adopted Dog Walked 200 Miles To Find Her Rescuer

Unfortunately, not very many dogs are microchipped, and some are sadly put down by shelters before they can be reunited with their owners. However, the dog in this story decided to take measures into her own hands and find the woman who had rescued him. Even if that meant traveling 200 miles.

A dog named Shavi was hit by a car and left for dead. She had been living on the streets as a stray through the harsh Russian winters, scrounging for food. The poor dog suffered two broken legs and a few other injuries in the accident.

Nina showed up and took her to the vet to treat her injuries. The vets made a plea to the public for someone to foster the dog until she could walk on her own, and Nina was the only one to respond.


Nina would have kept Shavi herself, save for having to care for two other rescue dogs, her own cats, and care for her son as well. It took some patience to get her accustomed to going outside, but it all came in due time.

Thankfully, Shavi was taken into a new home by a loving family. But Shavi decided to escape from her new home and look for the woman who saved her life.

Shavi walked nearly 200 miles to find Nina. Nina could not believe Shavi had come all that way, but now they are together for good!

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