Traumatized Dog Was So Badly Abused, He Would Not Move

Otto was rescued from a very bad abusive situation that left him severely traumatized. He could not even stand up he was so terrified. All he would do is lie down and urinate on himself. Animal behaviorists suggested that Otto would be unable to live with humans and should be taken to a sanctuary, but staff did not give up on him.

After they had treated his medical issues, they took great care of him and gave him lots of love. Once he realized this, his fear dissipated, and he broke out of his shell.  His personality began to come out!

After only a few months, they saw a once terrified dog who refused to move, turn into this friendly and outgoing pup. Otto was adopted, despite “experts” saying he was unadoptable, and even has a new doggy sibling.

Otto and his new sibling go on walks together, and he knows he will be loved for the rest of his life.


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