Workers Make A Startling Discovery After Towing A Car To The Storage Yard

Menino the dog, and his owner were involved in a car accident in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Although Menino survived the crash, his owner Etienne Souza Mendonça, 51, did not.

When the towing crew arrived, there was no one there to take the dog so they towed the car to the storage yard with Menino inside!

Once at the storage yard, Menino stayed in the car and began his heartbreaking vigil. The family of Menino’s dead owner said they would come and get the dog, but they never showed up.

Menino waited, hopeful his owner would come for him after day, weeks, even months passed, and still, Menino remained in the yard.

Four months went by and David Guimarães Santos was hired as a security guard for the storage yard.

Santos saw the skittish dog living in the car and over time, he earned Menino’s trust. Eventually, the two became friends.

Although Menino slept in the car at night, he spent his days with Santos. When Santos was hired to do security at a different location, he refused to leave Menino there.

It was obvious his owners’ relatives were not coming for him, so Santos took him home!

Menino finally gets to start a new life ten months after he arrived at the storage yard! Santos said that when he gets home, Menino meets him at the gate!

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