Maintenance Man Saved A Dog’s Life After His Owner Tossed Him Down A Garbage Chute

Patrick, was near death when a maintenance worker discovered him.  His heartless owner tossed Patrick down a twenty-two story garbage chute.

The poor dog was luckily saved from being killed by the trash compactor.

The maintenance man immediately took Patrick to an animal hospital in Newark, New Jersey.

Here is his remarkable story.

The shelter workers at the Garden State Veterinary Services weren’t even sure that he’d make it through the night.

But miraculously, Patrick did!

Patrick was still very unhealthy, he weighed just nineteen pounds, and his body temperature was so low that it wasn’t even registering on the thermometer.

His odds weren’t good but each day that he survived was regarded as a triumph.

Patrick had everybody at the Garden State Veterinary Services cheering him on.

Slowly but surely, he improved.

He began gaining weight, his fur started growing back and before long, he started looking like a dog again.

Patrick was looking better and better.

He even started playing again, just like a puppy!

The hospital’s administrator, Patricia Smillie-Scavelli, fell in love and adopted Patrick.

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