Dog Survived, After Being On the Absolute Brink of Death, Is A Miracle

Trio Animal Foundation received a call about a dog that was brought to an open access shelter. She was soaked in urine, blinded by matted fur over her eyes, emaciated and unable to stand on her own. TAF immediately brought her straight to the ER vet. This poor girl’s outrageous condition is utterly heart-wrenching and anger-inducing.  How could anyone allow an animal to suffer this way? Liz has certainly known suffering, but her perseverance is truly remarkable.

On the 4th day that Liz was hospitalized at the ER vet, she has  shown some improvement.  TAF is asking for help in sponsoring Liz’s medical bills. If you would like to help sponsor Liz’s medical bills, any tax-deductible donations can be made at You can earmark your donation “Liz.”

On Wednesday, with a little help from her doctor, and when placed on a rubber mat, Liz was able to hold herself up for a minute or two. She is still too weak from starvation, it will take gaining weight and some physical therapy to help Liz fully regain her strength and muscle mass back.

2/5/17:  Good news about Liz today… she has gained a half pound! Also, her medical team said that they were able to get her to walk a few steps with a little help of a tiny piece of chicken.

Liz still has a very long way to go but these small victories are very encouraging, she hasn’t given up.

UPDATE, 2/6/17, 1 PM:  More good news, Liz was strong enough to fully stand up on her own and walk a little over five feet! This is a major victory!

As far as Liz’s slow feeding regimen, she was allowed to have 12 tablespoons of special wet food yesterday. If her system can continue to handle this amount of food today, Liz will receive 14 tablespoons of food tomorrow. These feedings are spread throughout the day and Liz is ravenous when you put the bowl in front of her.

Liz is still very frail and everyone is trying to stay realistic. This is a miracle that needs to happen and we are not going to give up on her… the fact that she has thus far survived starvation defies logic there is no way that we are going to give up on her.


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