When These Owners’ Dog Greets You at Their Shop, It Makes Your Visit All Worthwhile

Dogs frequently do incredible things to assist their families. You regularly hear about heroic service dogs, specially trained to detect a health or well-being issue for their owners far before any medical technology ever could. Often, we hear of brave dogs, serving alongside our troops overseas. You also hear stories of dogs traveling miles and miles just to be reunited with the ones they love. Yes, dogs are amazing creatures of this world indeed.

This dog is no different. Okay, perhaps a little different. This dog assists his owners running a corner store in Japan! That’s correct, he is a “customer service dog” if you will!

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It’s unclear if the dog was trained to do this or just decided it felt like being helpful, but he patiently awaits customers stopping by the service window to make a purchase, and actually opens it up for them.

He even gets regular snack breaks. Apparently, his treat of choice is zucchini. That’s no typo, he really enjoys his zucchini.

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He even gets to take naps as well. Who else do you know that gets to take nap breaks with their favorite zucchini while at their job?

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Check him out in action with this video from YouTube. The customers seem to really enjoy his customer service and sales skills. Given how adorable he is, and how amazing it is to see a dog do this make this furry little fellow one unique sales dog!

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